What does it mean when guy touches girls?

Now, if you are already wondering what the hell is this crappy-sounding post about? then let me give you some perspective. A knowledge thirsty and curious soul living on this very same earth where you and I exist, asked this question to who-else-but-Google, and Google, among many possible answers threw my blog as one of the search results. As luck would have it, this curious soul actually descended on my blog, looking for the answer. I feel so sorry about the fact that my blog might have disappointed him, for it surely does not answer this important question. So this post is an attempt to try and find the answer to this question, the ultimate truth, which if revealed can shake the very basis of humanity.  (ah! common i added that line just for some effect, a la – Da Vinci Code ;-))

I wonder if even the Almighty had thought of this question and its answer in advance, before he created humans. Perhaps this is how it all how must have happened: When Adam, first touched Eve, she shirked him away saying 'What?', and poor Adam didn't have clue as to what his response should be. So he went back to the Almighty, and asked 'Oh! My lord, please tell me what does it mean when a guy touches a girl.' Almighty, who was sitting on top of white clouds, scratched His head for a while then referred to His notes and when He could not understand His own hand writing, He shook his head and started to answer directly in a philosophizing mode. This event was the first ever Live Telecast in the history of human kind. The Almighty kept talking, and Adam listened and grasped every word of this free flow of knowledge.

Now as Adam was only interested in responding confidently to Eve, after he touches her next, so he just listened carefully and did not care about documenting or recording it. So after Adam answered Eve, and she was as expected satisfied, this invaluable knowledge was lost forever.

I am not sure if you realized that there is one major difference in the question Adam asked to the Almighty and the one asked to Google. Adam specifically asked: 'What Happens when a guy (Adam/singular) touches a girl (Eve/singular)?'. However this time around when this curious soul looked for the answer on Google, he had taken into consideration the fact that complexity of the world has increased manyfolds since the time of Adam & Eve. So he asked: 'what does it mean when guy (singular) touches girls (plural)'. So you see the question this time around is much complex.

Those who have studied E.R. Diagrams at some point of time in their school/college would be able to understand that Adam's question was about a One-to-One relationship, however the question posed to Google was One-to-Many. It could have been even more complex had he asked about a Many-to-Many scenario.

Looking at the complexity level of problem, and the fact that I am no match to the Almighty who has already answered this question once – I'll try to break it up in smaller and simpler questions, and that perhaps can help one reach the conclusion.

We are here talking about one guy, touching several girls, and the meaning each touch has. See! It depends on lot of factors, like – why is the guy touching girls, how is he touching them, and also where is he touching them.

'Why' can have several possible answers: out of love, out of lust, out of disgust, out of curiosity, just like that, experiment.

'How' also have many possibilities – in a pleasant way, in an unpleasant way, in a way that irritates, in a way that tickles etc.

'Where' is the most important factor – and whatever the answer to above two questions is, the choice of where can make or break everything.

So you see, if the answer to the above three questions is put together, one can perhaps make out the meaning of a guy touching girl(s). Hope this analysis takes you somewhere close to answer, if you are the one seeking it.

However, without much delay let me add a word of caution, and THIS REALLY IS IMPORTANT: whatever the meaning of a guy touching a girl is, what actually matters is what it means to the girl. And it's really the meaning that the girl derives at that very moment without even going through the analysis I presented above, is what determines the reaction of the girl.

If you are lucky the reaction can be the girl touching you back – in form of a kiss or in form of a slap.

So! There..

31 Responses to “What does it mean when guy touches girls?”

  1. chandni Says:

    err…because they cant keep their hands to themselves!! :D

  2. deez Says:

    and this was idlest ur mind cld get?????????

  3. Blackempress Says:

    AMIT that was a classic piece!

    Throughly entertainin. It was nice plus it shows how good u are at analysin things. Wats ur zodiac sign?

    For a minute i was ACTUALLY lookin for an answer to that…..just for insight into men’s psyche…
    But u gave it all out so broadly …definitely can come to a conclusion.

    All in alll…I still think u had something naughty on mind! :D

  4. AmitKen Says:

    @ Chandni,

    that can be one of the answers to the ‘Why’ part, ‘How’ & ‘Where’ still need to be answered ;-)

    @ Deez,
    no, this is not. believe me :p

    @ BlackEmpress,
    Oh! thank you dear :) and i am a Scorpion, why?
    somethin naughty on my mind .. heheh… absolutely not, you know how much of a seedha baccha i am ;-)

  5. Keshi Says:

    lol okk Amit so WHERE r u gonna touch me?? HOW and WHY would be appreciated too.


  6. Paavani Says:

    It depends.
    Good question, good post.

  7. pradster Says:

    blame it on all the beuty soaps….”chune ko ji kare”….
    what dos it mean…ummm…..i dunno….

  8. AmitKen Says:

    @ Keshi,
    Can i touch u there..

    @ Paavani,
    heheh… thank you :)

    @ pradster,
    yeah dude! beauty soap it is… ;-)

  9. Keshi Says:

    where? lol!


  10. chandni Says:

    How – anywhich way possible….whichever part of the body is most conviniently accesible…

    Where: Duh! Anywhere!

  11. Aradhita Says:

    now thats what I call trying to attack a problem from all possible sides ;)

  12. amitken Says:

    @ Keshi,
    ummm.. here…


    @ Chandni,
    heheh.. u r close to crack the code :p

    @ Aradhita,
    btw, how hv u been.. :-)

  13. Phoenix Says:

    Hmmm… Interesting post! A lot of thought has been put into it I can see! LOL!! As you said, the whole thing comes down to the girl’s reaction!
    BTW, were you kinda bored when you posted this?? :D

  14. Keshi Says:

    I knew it that u meant that song from Bolton :):)

    ** touch you deep within

    well there r many deep places in a woman..lol…so where specifically??


  15. amitken Says:

    @ Phoenix,
    nooooo… do u really think that i was being thoughtful while writing this… i was just being plance crazy n stupid while writing this… n i enjoy doing that :p

    @ Keshi,
    u knew that it was bolton.. hehe it could have been this as well :p

    and hmm… u want me to get specific, u naughty gal ;-)

  16. Keshi Says:

    lol ok 98degrees or 99degrees, u CANT touch me there if u meant wut u meant in my blog..hahahaha!


  17. AmitKen Says:

    HaHaHa… again even on ur blog i didn’t specify where, so how do u know wat i meant ;-)

  18. Keshi Says:

    well d u have to specify ‘where’ when one bends down anyways? lol!


  19. AmitKen Says:

    yes… specification is necessary :p

  20. Keshi Says:

    haha specific place that I wanna be touched? lol yeah there r many many places that only one man can touch…:):)


  21. AmitKen Says:

    whose that?? ;-)

  22. Keshi Says:

    whoever who’s gonna be my man :)


  23. Ajay Uncle Says:

    Natkhat baalak!! >-(

  24. Ajay Uncle Says:

    ..and I’m still wondering..how did the said person reach ur place? had u ever written on it before?

  25. Cindrella Says:

    Hey awesome thought! N a wonderful (or may be i can use fantastic) analysis. Food for thought indeed. But one thing s sure all depends on how girl feels n takes it. By the way I too am a blogger who came across this blog o urs.. nice work


  26. AmitKen Says:

    @ Uncle,
    kya Uncle, aap bhi na sharminda kar dete ho, main to bus yun hi … ;-)

    @ Cindrella,
    thank you. thank you.
    and welcome to my blog.. hope to see ya around more often.

  27. Cindrella Says:

    well.. eh! will b visitin often.. waitin for ur next post!
    :)PS: thx for commenting on my blog!

  28. Cindrella Says:

    See.. i’m visitin ur blog n nothin new to read.. very bad! post somethin new soon..


  29. Keshi Says:

    its on the 25th of June Amit :)

    Thanks n hugggggz!

  30. Matt Says:

    WTF!? nice post LMAO

  31. HayHay (Haley) Says:

    There is a boy that tickled me nonstop on my bus ride home from school. What does that mean? Do you know?

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